Is the next Recession really coming?

This post was a response to Mr. Money mustache Great News: There’s Another Recession Coming. In general I agree with MMM its inevitable. Like the tide comes after a wave at the sea so does the world economy works. But what I would like to elaborate is on the time when it comes. Are we really... Continue Reading →

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Why Y2035 and calculation behind it

I want to share little bit of math behind this blog name - Project2035. At that time I will turn 50. To think I will be half century old by then. Half a century... 🙂 Pension age at my country is 65 years. Due to improvement of medicine and average living duration I can bet... Continue Reading →

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Recent buy – American Electric Power

Since my capital allocation of 200 EUR/mo. allow me to make investments only once a quarter I decided thats it is quite good to note about my purchases. They are rare and people like rare things, right? 🙂 Ok since my investment account filled to 500$ line, which I view as the minimum investment line,... Continue Reading →

Y2018 Goals

And the last thing that has to be done at begging of year is setting year new y2018 goals. There is no better way to set new goals is to have a look at the old ones. So lets look again at our y2017 goals. Have a baby – Failed Save 15% of income. (Actual 9%) – Failed Have Total... Continue Reading →

Y2017 Sports

Ok so the last thing that I would like to look at is my sport goals of Y2017. Run 300 km. (Actual 200 km) – Failed Run a half-marathon 21 km. Completed (2:32) I managed to run the half-marathon, but just barely. I have to admin that I was not prepared well enough, but the goal was completed. Now for the... Continue Reading →

Y2017 (Q4) Investments

And the last post how did our investment done at end on Y2017. Some investment were made at Q4: At the begging of November we bought 20 shares of AT&T paying 33,78 USD / share paying 686 USD (incl. fee). With current dividends of 0.50 USD/quarter YOC stands at impressive 4,1% after tax (-30%) giving us solid and... Continue Reading →

Y2017 (Q4) Dividends

2017 Q4 Dividends: So shortly 2017 Q4 dividends income was as mentioned 41 EUR. All 4 U.S. holdings paid identical dividends compared to Q3. Company 2017Q3 Dividends ESO 27,4 EUR AT&T 4,4 EUR Target 3,7 EUR Intel 2,7 EUR Jonson&Jonson 2,5 EUR Total 40,7 EUR 2017 Q4 Dividend increase: One of my largest in holding AT&T... Continue Reading →

Y2017 (Q4) Budget

Happy new year everybody! Sorry for long silence, but as you notices I was a bit uninspired to continue with this blog, but did not closed it so here we are. Lets take a look how we done in Y2017. Income: Lets take a look at Q4 for start. My income from job was same... Continue Reading →

2017 Q3 Investments

And the last post for now is our investment portfolio update. Funny think is that even without any investments during Q3 our investment kept on growing as Mr. Market is on the high. Share value increased from 8 kEUR to 8,5 kEUR. I mean thats +500 EUR just from nowhere 🙂 I know this is... Continue Reading →

2017 Q3 Budget

Sorry for a bit late update on our budget, but 2017Q3 was not that good 😦 I know that this type of blog readers don't want to hear something negative as the main thing they are looking in such type of blogs is inspiration, positivity and stuff like that. For some time I was not... Continue Reading →

2017 Q3 Dividends

Sorry guys for long silence. I'm back with very short update on our 2017 Q3 dividend income. This quarter we received only 53 EUR of dividends. Most of them came from our Baltic dividends payers Tallink and Ekspress Grupp who paid their dividends in July. Also all 4 US companies paid me dividends this quarter,... Continue Reading →

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