Y2019 Goals

To wrap up Y2018, was a great year šŸ™‚ It all went down to our Family enlargement. As Y2019 has come its time to set goals for this year. And there is no better way as to look at the oldĀ Y2018 goals: Have a babyĀ COMPLETED!!! SaveĀ 15%Ā of incomeĀ CompletedĀ (Actual 16%)Ā  RunĀ 300 km.Ā (Actual 201 km) ā€“Ā Failed This year... Continue Reading →

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Y2019 Net worth update

As May goes by thought it would be good to check our net worth. Last year our net worth was 29 kEUR. Lets see how it stands today. Our liabilities: Mortgage loan - 56,7 kEUR (58,3 kEUR) Leasing - 10,3 kEUR (-) Debt to mother - 7,0 kEUR (-) Student loan - 2,3 kEUR (2,6... Continue Reading →

2019Q1 Budget

And last but not least - Q1 budget. As always first quarter of the year has the biggest income due to bonus from my work. Also we received some gifts from our relatives for our little one baptism. I tought a lot should I include these one-off incomes. Previously I excluded expenses that they were... Continue Reading →

2019 Q1 Sports

As Q1 of Y2019 is over it's time to see how are we doing with our Y2019 goals and first there is sport goals:RunĀ 300 km.Loose weight toĀ 85 kg. Now running is quite ok. I have done 40 km during winter quarter out of which 30 km was at March. If I'm doing 30km/mo for remaining... Continue Reading →

Recent buy – Kraft Heinz Co

The picture says it all šŸ˜€ Yesterday I bought Kraft Heinz Co 20 share for 32,85$ paying 667$. In L/T it isa viable business. Share price decline by half due to perfect storm (dividend decrease and net loss due to write-offs). Adjusted P/E is below 10. Dividend yield is 3,4%Ā (after -30% tax). Leverage was at... Continue Reading →

2019 Q1 Dividend income

Surprise surprise, the 2019Q1 is coming to it's end and as a DGI blog one of most important post is to track the dividend income and since i'm doing it on quarterly basis, so here it is šŸ™‚ 2019 Q1 Dividends: This quarter we receivedĀ 57 EUR. Compared to 2017 Q1 21 EUR YoY growth remains... Continue Reading →

Recent sales

Hi my dear blog readers. As you probably noticed I was inactive for some time now. Main reason was total lack of time due to our little one taking all of my spare time šŸ™‚ Sorry guys she is my little priority. But now that my wife and my daughter have went to visit her... Continue Reading →

Goal #5 Completed

Yes, we are fast with our y2019 goals this year. Yesterday we have bought a semi-new 2016 Toyota Corolla that has runned just 13.400 km (!) for 13 kEUR. This was done with a leasing. I know I know this is not what DGI do. But inerest were only 2% and I had not enough... Continue Reading →

My thoughts on BREXIT

  Well this cartoon says it all what I think of Brexit šŸ˜€ Short about what is going on. UK needs to decide on Brexit until March or within +/- 2 months. Alternatives are: Deal with EU on exit with agreed terms. Most likely no border control and staying in custom union for some time.Ā Best... Continue Reading →

Simple way to start saving our Earth

I would like to share one genial engineeringĀ  invention that I made šŸ™‚ Everyone who wants to start improving our environment and start reducing their carbon footprint on our planet should start by sorting their trash, especially plasticks. All of this started when one day I opened my fridge and saw that much plastics at... Continue Reading →

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