Recent sale – TGT

  Some time ago i have done major divestment in my portfolio getting rid of two investments that has increased its share value to range where sale was triggered - INTC and half of PG. One investment was on my list for some time now - Target. After share price rally recently finally decided to... Continue Reading →

Recent buy – Auga bond

This time I decided to go for a little bit different type of investment - fixed income corporate bonds. Investment: Auga group 5y bond with 6% paid annual interest. I bought 1 bond for 1.000€ paying an additional 2€ fee. This will bring us 51€ (60€ × 0,85) annual post-tax interest income for the next... Continue Reading →

2019 Q2-Q3 Sports

And the last thing what I would like to make a short update how im doing with my sport goals:Run 300 km.Loose weight to 85 kg. Last time when updated on 2019 Q1 Sports I was done 40 km and was at 90 kg. Well to be short I sucked at sports 😦 Altough April was good with 32... Continue Reading →

2019 Q3 Budget

Now the budget of our last quarter. Another red quarter, making the year result underwater 😦 Well it is what it is, such large spending was planned and lets see how the whole year will end. Income: Our income remained same 5,9 kEUR as quarter before. With little bit more income from my salary 4,3 kEUR and... Continue Reading →

2019 Q3 Dividend income

And figures of last quarter, which was actually quite boring due to no investments and cash accumulation (spending). 2019 Q3 Dividends: Dividend received this quarter 61 EUR was again purely from our US holdings and was the same as last quarter due to no sales, no buys and no dividend increases during this quarter. Company... Continue Reading →

2019 Q2 Budget

And a quick wrap-up of our 2019 Q2 Budget. Income: Our income was 5,9 kEUR. and was 0,2 kEUR higher than in 2018 Q2. My salary after latest increase stood at 4,2 kEUR which was 0,5 kEUR higher then 3,7 kEUR year before. However my wife income has slightly decreased from 1,7 kEUR to 1,5 kEUR due... Continue Reading →

2019 Q2 Dividend income

Just a quick update on our dividend income at this quarter. 2019 Q2 Dividends: This dividend income reached 196 EUR. Compared to 234 EUR year before income was -16% lower. Most of the decrease came from sale of some of our holdings. If we look deeper our largest dividend payer Tallina kaubajama paid almost same dividends... Continue Reading →

Y2019 Net worth update

As May goes by thought it would be good to check our net worth. Last year our net worth was 29 kEUR. Lets see how it stands today. Our liabilities: Mortgage loan - 56,7 kEUR (58,3 kEUR) Leasing - 10,3 kEUR (-) Debt to mother - 7,0 kEUR (-) Student loan - 2,3 kEUR (2,6... Continue Reading →

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