Our main ultimate goal is To become Financial independent till Y2035 (when i’m 50). Financial independence is reached when our passive income will fully cover our expenses. Till then we will set yearly goals and measure them at the end of each quarter.

Long term goals:

  • FINANCIAL INDEPENDENCE: Progress – 2,9% (578€/~20k€)
  • 1.000 EUR of Forward Annual Passive Income (FAPI): Progress – 58%
  • 500 EUR of Forward Annual Passive Income (FAPI) Completed @ y2019
  • 250 EUR of Forward Annual Passive Income (FAPI) Completed @ y2016 

Y2019 goals:

  1. Save 20% of income.
  2. Accumulate 5 kEUR in cash.
  3. Run 300 km.
  4. Loose weight to 85 kg.
  5. Buy new car. Completed
  6. Arrange baptism for our daughter Completed
  7. Visit new country. Completed (Crete)
  8. Visit 5 new small towns in our country.

Y2018 goals:

  1. Have a baby COMPLETED!!!
  2. Save 15% of income Completed (16%) 
  3. Run 300 km – Failed (207 km)

Y2017 goals:

  1. Have a baby – Failed
  2. Save 15% of income  Failed (9%)
  3. Have Total investment value 25 kEUR:  Completed
  4. Visit a new country Completed (Belgium & Croatia)
  5. Repair kitchen balcony. Completed
  6. Run 300 km – Failed (200 km)
  7. Run a half-marathon 21 km. Completed (2:32)

Y2016 goals:

  1. Save 20% of income  Failed (11%)
  2. Run 600 km – Failed (298 km)
  3. Complete military physical requirements Completed
  4. Visit a new country Completed (Spain)

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