2019 Q1 Dividend income

Surprise surprise, the 2019Q1 is coming to it's end and as a DGI blog one of most important post is to track the dividend income and since i'm doing it on quarterly basis, so here it is 🙂 2019 Q1 Dividends: This quarter we received 57 EUR. Compared to 2017 Q1 21 EUR YoY growth remains... Continue Reading →

Y2018 Dividend increases

I thought as a DGI kind of guy I should look trough my portfolio dividend changes during Y2018 🙂 Frankly speaking I was not very satisfied what I found 😦 Baltic companies was volatile in dividends as usual. MRK and KNF increased their dividends almost x2 which were one-off increases lead by some need from... Continue Reading →

Y2018 Dividend income

2018 Q4 Dividends: This quarter we received 63 EUR. Compared to 2017Q4 41 EUR YoY growth stands at  nice +54%. As you can see the 'red' income from US companies is taking over the graph. This quarter new dividend payer SO joined the family with +6,3$ quarterly payments. Also VZ and AEP increased their dividends bringing... Continue Reading →

2018 Q3 Dividends

So the 3rd quarter has passed with superb new on our family enlargement 🙂 So lets get down to some numbers as despite low sleep and fewer time left I will try to stay with my routine on these reports. Not much action was on dividend income side, but as you can see dividends from... Continue Reading →

2018 Q2 Dividends

And another quarter is finishing. Its just one week till 2018H1 will end and we have collected all of our passive income - dividends, this quarter. When I look to comparison with 2017Q2 or even 2016Q2 result does not look that impressive and the main reason was Portfolio redistribution where we sold OEG due to its cancellation... Continue Reading →

2018 Q1 Dividends

The quarter is not yet over, but I'm eager to share our 2018 Q1 dividend income as all of dividends that were scheduled for this quarter already received. As you all know 2018 Q1 was a real shopping time for us in the stock market. At first in mid January we bought American Electric Power, then at the... Continue Reading →

Another great pay raise!

Today I was browsing trough boring rapports at the market. One company announced this, other that, pff boring stuff... and then my eye was coughs by one 2 week old message from my largest dividend employee Tallinna Kaubamaja. They are having annual shareholders meeting in 6 days but most important what is the Managment Board proposed... Continue Reading →

I’m getting a pay raise!

You got that right, today I got this great news that i'm getting a raise! How great is that? And the best part is that I did not even had to ask for it! 🙂 Actually the news came yesterday, when Intel announced that they will raise their quarterly dividends from 0,2725$ to 0,3$ which represent... Continue Reading →

Y2017 (Q4) Dividends

2017 Q4 Dividends: So shortly 2017 Q4 dividends income was as mentioned 41 EUR. All 4 U.S. holdings paid identical dividends compared to Q3. Company 2017Q3 Dividends ESO 27,4 EUR AT&T 4,4 EUR Target 3,7 EUR Intel 2,7 EUR Jonson&Jonson 2,5 EUR Total 40,7 EUR 2017 Q4 Dividend increase: One of my largest in holding AT&T... Continue Reading →

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