Mr free at 33 – Blog of my inspiration Jason Fieber, who became financial independent at 33 (!) by investing at dividend paying stocks. It’s his fault that this website exist 🙂

Dividend Growth Investor – One of oldest and greatest blogs about dividends investing. Lots of financial analysis of dividend stocks and other useful tips.

Mr. Money Mustache – or simply MMM. A great website for dividend investors and other “out of the box” people 🙂 Interesting to read and follow.

JackedFinance – Blog About Financial Independence and Early Retirement.

Dividend diplomats – Two 20 something dudes who are blogging about Investing, Frugality, Passive Income & attempting to Reinvest Our Dividends to Financial Freedom!

Divhut – Blog about investing and dividends from Internet entrepreneur in his early 40’s.

My dividend pipeline – Very interesting blog of guy living in US investing, motivating ect. and building wealth fast. Soon to have Net worth at 1mUSD 🙂

Asmeninio tobulėjimo blogas – Blog in Lithuanian of this guy Povilas Panavas, who is almost at the end of his financial independence journey saving and investing more then half of his income from his IT job at UK.

Dividend portfolio – Blog of one beginner dividend investor Glen, who started from zero and slowly work his way toward income stream from dividend investments.

Broke investor – Blog of IT engineer from Lithuania who likes investment, economy and sports… Looks like a lot of in common 😉

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