Guess what #2!

Yes you guess it right!!! 🙂 We have a 2nd happenes coming our way! Our first Guess what moment was at 2018 April and Big day has arrived at 2018 October. Today we are almost 4 month into labour, so the big day #2 will come at thr end of July. Sooo our most important Goal #1 of 2020 is in process! We don’t know if this is a 2nd girl or a boy, but we will have 2x the happiness. I just created another 1/2 life so if we add the first 1/2… I just became immortal 😉

14 thoughts on “Guess what #2!

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  1. you lost yout life. Welcome to hell. Its going to be bad. This is my life…I try to be FIRe…woman……work…work…problems with heath stess…lot of stress…no sleep…shit…alcohol…xanax…my ,ife is shit….work work work-xanax-alxohol-things abou t MY LIFE END, i think it is possible to END my life…..

    Biggest shits in my life:
    1, WOMAN
    2. KIDS


    1. Well its all about perspective. If you put it this way then it is this way. I put it as the best thing that happined to me and it is the best thing 😉 Its all about perspective and its all in your head.


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