Y2020 Goals

And now lets finish the Y2019 with a wrap up. The year was great. Altough I failed at sport missirably and our saving rate was or of the worst this year I still think that this was a good year. Our little daughter is successfully growing and I even changed jobs at end of the year getting higher wage and higher position opening the door for further growth. So the final list of Y2019 goals completion:

  1. Save 20% of income – Failed (5%)
  2. Accumulate 5 kEUR in cash.Completed
  3. Run 300 km. – Failed (90 km)
  4. Loose weight to 85 kg. – Failed (93 kg)
  5. Buy new car. Completed
  6. Arrange baptism for our daughterCompleted
  7. Visit new country.Completed (Crete)
  8. Visit 5 new small towns in our country – Failed

We completed 4 and failed at 4 (o/w 2 personal failures). 5kEUR cash goal was reached. Altough with some “cheating” but still. Then we have a new car. Leasing and insurance payments are high but 0 EUR repair cost. Then our daughter was successfully baptised and we visited new place on a holiday – Crete. Then failures – sucked at saving, spending was out of control. As mentioned failed at sport. I transfer these 2 goals to 2020 as they are a must if I want to stay healthy 🙂 Then the last goal was not meet as our little one does not like traveling in a car for now.

For Y2020 goal again we set with our wife on a new years eve and again agreed on a list. The #1 goal was common – 2nd baby 🙂 We like the first one so much why not double the happiness 😉

Then the 3 failed goals of 2019. What relates to 20% saving I brought down to number with a 50/30/20 rule:

  • INCOME – 31,2 kEUR – 2.600 EUR/mo.
  • EXPENSES (80%) – 25,2 kEUR – 2.100 EUR/mo.
    • Fixed expenses (50%) – 15,6 kEUR – 1.300 EUR/mo.
      • Mortgage – 210 EUR/mo
      • Student loan – 20 EUR/mo
      • Utilities – 150 EUR/mo
      • Car leasing – 185 EUR/mo.
      • Fuel and public tr. – 100 EUR/mo
      • Food and household – 550 EUR/mo
      • Health – 50 EUR/mo
      • Buffer – 35 EUR/mo
    • Flexible expenses (30%) – 9,6 kEUR – 800 EUR/mo.
      • Holidays – 2 kEUR – 167 EUR/mo
      • Home repair – 3 kEUR (840 EUR rep. to mom) – 250 EUR/mo
      • Clothes – 1 kEUR – 83 EUR/mo
      • Other (gifts, online purchases, ect.) – 3,6 kEUR – 300 EUR/mo
  • SAVING (20%) – 6 kEUR – 500 EUR/mo.

Looks doable and agreed upon 🙂 Fixed cost is more or less based on actual Y2019 Budgete except for food and household which was >600 EUR/mo. Need some improvement here. From flexible cost comes our other two goal: Holliday by visiting a new country and repair of toilet and bathroom which we have allocated 2 kEUR for each. Then another 1 kEUR for clothes and remaining 3,6 kEUR for other expenses which was also higher ~5 kEUR at Y2019. So for this year in order to achieve the saving goal we need to save around 2kEUR on less spending on food and household items and other stuff. With projected saving of 6kEUR and current cash balance of 6kEUR I decided to put another goal to accumulate nice round amount of 10 kEUR in cash as stocks went up by +30% in Y2019 and I think major correction should be on the way so I should have a really good chunk of cash for that matter. Never the less some 2kEUR or something still should be invested, but this goal goes to the bottom as I feel that good buying opportunity might present itself this year.

Then the last goal is also personal. As you probably know few year before I had the best hobby could a DGI guy can – I was at the National defence volunteer force. Going out for weekend military exercise approx. onece per month. The best part I was even paid for that. But I had to quit it due to more time needed to take care of our extended family. But I have this “the woods are calling” feeling each time I see a uniformed soldier. Only people who was at the military understands that. I think I need this to stay both physically and mentally fit. I feel that for few years now I don’t charge out myself properly and this have negative effect on me. Also I love my country and need to be prepared for bad things in case our nasty big neighbour get even nastier. So I have a goal to joint the paramilitary organisation in our country – the riflemen’s union.

And the complete list of goals for Y2020:

  1. Have a 2nd baby.
  2. Save 20% of income.
  3. Run 300 km.
  4. Loose weight to 85 kg.
  5. Holliday visit a new country.
  6. Toilet and bathroom repair.
  7. Accumulate 10 kEUR in cash.
  8. Join the Riflemen’s Union.

How was your Y2019 goals and what are your plans for Y2020? 🙂

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  1. 4 out of 4 goals is not that bad. I guess that having a baby and the car purchase are both pretty costly, so you at least managed to save some money, well done.

    Good luck with your 2020 goals,
    All the best

    Liked by 1 person

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