Y2019 Sports

As year is ending it would fair to summarize my sport goal of Y2019:

  • Run 300 km. (Actual 90 km) – Failed
  • Loose weight to 85 kg. (Actual 93 km) – Failed

Yes I failed them and failed big 🙂 Running was then worst compared to few years before when I was doing 200 km. This year I couldn’t do even 100 km. This has reflection on another weight goal. Sad but true I gained 1kg this year. Bellow you can see my running statistic over past 3 years:

Ou well it is back to basics for me 🙂 Read 2,5y old post How I improve my health. Actualy for some time now I’m doing workout, Cold showers and Meditations each morning. Also I try to wake up early at 6 am to be at work in 7:30 so I could return home earlier and save few minutes by avoiding traffic jams. Lets leave running and weight losing goals for 2020 😉

Ou and I’m relaunchingn1 Push-up challange by doing at least 1 pull-up each morning for few weeks now.

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