Y2019 Dividend increases

Lets keep tradition and have a look how my investments did during Y2019 with their dividends increases:

Company Y2018 Dividends Y2019 Dividends Change
Tallinna Vesi         0,360         0,750 108%
Tallinna Kaubamaja         0,690         0,710 3%
Harju Electrics         0,240         0,180 -25%
Exxon Mobile         0,820         0,870 6%
Jonson&Jonson         0,900         0,950 6%
Pfizer         0,340         0,360 6%
Proctor & Gamble         0,717         0,746 4%
American Electric Power         0,670         0,700 4%
Southern         0,600         0,620 3%
Verzon Communication         0,603         0,615 2%
AT&T         0,500         0,510 2%
General mills         0,490         0,490 0%
Kraft Heinz         0,625         0,400 -36%


The remaining 3 Baltic holdings I would say done pretty well 🙂 My main Baltic dividend payer TKM increased them slightly, while TVEA increased them back after cut in 2018. HAE decreased little bit but that a normal thing here 🙂 Now to US holdings. Best dividend raisers were pharma companies JNJ and PFE both increased by +6%. Then Utilities with low 4-3% growth and telcos with even lower +2%. But it is still a growth. Then my food opportunistic investments with one having flat dividends and other a dividends cut. Lets see how they will do in the future 🙂 Both businesses in L/T perspective should do fine. I understand what KHC is doing (decreasing leverage and write-off of old shit) and I support them. GIS is doing the same just without dividend cut. Both decreasing leverage and increasing equity and I like that. This is why I bet on them in L/T. As you probably know I think more companies should do that instead of what they do now. Doing large share buybacks with increase of financial debt and decrease of equity. I thinks this is not sustainable.

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