2019 Q2-Q3 Sports

And the last thing what I would like to make a short update how im doing with my sport goals:

  • Run 300 km.
  • Loose weight to 85 kg.

Last time when updated on 2019 Q1 Sports I was done 40 km and was at 90 kg. Well to be short I sucked at sports 😦 Altough April was good with 32 km run, but that was about it as I stooped at regular running and done only 10 km in remaining 5 months of Q2 and Q3. So at the end of Q3 I was done only 82 km and… 92 kg wight, return to my original new years shape 😦 

Anyhow i’m relaunching my sport activity once again. Lets see how much can I make in the last few months of the year. I think these sport goals will go to 2020 goals 🙂

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