2019 Q3 Budget

Now the budget of our last quarter. Another red quarter, making the year result underwater 😦 Well it is what it is, such large spending was planned and lets see how the whole year will end.



Our income remained same 5,9 kEUR as quarter before. With little bit more income from my salary 4,3 kEUR and less dividend income of 61 EUR. Income was also the same as in 2018 Q3


Funny thing is that expenses remains the same as well – 6,9 kEUR and was around same 7 kEUR for the 3rd quarter in a row. This quarter higher expenses was driven by 1,4 kEUR expenses for our daughter baptism. Again this was not unexpected expenses, but still occurs only once in a lifetime. Lets break down to fixed and flexible cost:

Our fixed expenses of Mortgage (0,7 kEUR), Utilities (0,5 kEUR), Food (1,6 kEUR) and Transport (0,9 kEUR) remained same 3,7 kEUR or 63% of our income. Still behind rational level of 50%. If we are looking at 9mo results fixed cost were 11,1 kEUR or 54% from our 9mo income of 20,6 kEUR so not so bad result, so all in all our fixed expenses are more or less in line with 50/30/20 rule.

Our flexible expenses on Holiday (0 EUR), Clothes (0,1 kEUR), Home repair (0,5 kEUR) Daughter baptism (1,4 kEUR) and Other (1,2 kEUR) was also same 3,2 kEUR or 54%. Let’s see how the 9mo result look. Flexible cost for 9mo was 9,8 kEUR or 48% from our income, so this is the spot were we spend more money then we should.


Now as you can see the end result was negative landing to -1,1 kEUR more expenses than income or -18% from 5,9 kEUR and after second negative quarter in a row our total 9mo results turned also red -0,3 kEUR or -1% from our Total income. Now that is a fallback compared to few years before 😦 But let us see how the 4Q ends and I have few positive surprises these 😉

As our cost was higher then income we had to dig into our saving account where cash decreased from 3,5 kEUR to 2,6 kEUR. I know I know that a huge buuuuu from DGI community, but it is as it is. However I’m still not losing hope on our goal #2 to gather 5 kEUR cash reserve until end of Y2019, because as I mentioned there is some development going on in Q4 🙂

Never the less we tick another to do list for Y2019 🙂

Goal #8 – Arrange baptism for our daughter Completed

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