2019 Q2 Budget

And a quick wrap-up of our 2019 Q2 Budget.



Our income was 5,9 kEUR. and was 0,2 kEUR higher than in 2018 Q2. My salary after latest increase stood at 4,2 kEUR which was 0,5 kEUR higher then 3,7 kEUR year before. However my wife income has slightly decreased from 1,7 kEUR to 1,5 kEUR due to maternity leave. 2019 Q2 Dividend income was also slightly lower.


Expenses were way higher then year before 6,9 kEUR. or +2 kEUR higher then year before. This increase mainly came from holiday expenses +1,35 kEUR, then there was also more expenses on transport in total 0,9 kEUR or +0,5 kEUR compared to year before and Home repair 0,4 kEUR or +0,2 kEUR due to payments for kitchen repair. Other expenses like Mortgage payment (0,6 kEUR), Utilities (0,5 kEUR), Food (1,6 kEUR), other expenses (1,2 kEUR) remained almost unchanged.

Our fixed expenses of Mortgage, Utilities, Food and Transport was 3,7 kEUR or 63% of our income. Rational level would be 50%. Well living in a large apartment, driving new car and eating whatever we like has its price 😦

Our flexible expenses on Holliday, Clothes, Home repair and other was 3,2 kEUR or 54% also way to high and should be around 30%. Yes there was holliday expenses that fallen into single quarter and annual digit will be different, also annual bonus increase the annual income on top, but still the expenses are way to high… of income is too low 😉


Now as you can see the end result was negative landing to -1,0 kEUR more expenses than income or -17% from 5,9 kEUR. However our this years total result still remains positive 0,8 kEUR, but half year saving rate has dropped to only 5% and is way before Goal #1 to save 20% of income. Cash reserve has increased to 3,5 kEUR, but is doomed to decrease during next quarter, but about that is for next post.

On the other hand we have completed one of our goals for Y2019 and visited new country – Greece or Crete to be precise 🙂

Goal #7 Visit new country. Completed (Greece – Crete)

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