2019 Q1 Sports

As Q1 of Y2019 is over it’s time to see how are we doing with our Y2019 goals and first there is sport goals:

  • Run 300 km.
  • Loose weight to 85 kg.

Now running is quite ok. I have done 40 km during winter quarter out of which 30 km was at March. If I’m doing 30km/mo for remaining 9 months I will finally complete this goal.

Next we have losing weight. I started at 92 kg and at end of the quarter I was 90 kg, so its -2 kg. Sad I was doing fitness chalange at January and managed to go down to 88 kg but then stoped and gained few kilos again. Either way it is 5 kg to go. If I will continue with my workout routine I will be ok.

And finaly its not written in our goals but I’m in line with my 1 push-up challenge. Doing at least one pull-up each morning and doing 3-4 now. Tried doing max pull-ups at one time since I have made a bet with @BrokeInvestor to do 20 until end of Y2019. Its 7 for now 🙂 but hey 7 pull-ups at one go it is a great result.

On top I have done almost 90% of days my morning routine which I wrote about in my post – How I improve my health. Doing Exercise, Cold showers and Meditations  almost each morning. I’m back on track! 🙂

How is your sport this winter off-season quarter?

Moast interesting how is my 1 puss-up challenge buddy’s doing? Doing that push-up/pull-up/plank each day?  😉

2 thoughts on “2019 Q1 Sports

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  1. Nice Progress P2035! I have to admit – you are ahead of me in the pullups challenge. I was only able to do 6 pullups when I tried it last time. I don’t visit the gym often lately, as I concentrate on preparation for triathlon season. My usual week consists of 2 runs, 2 swim sessions and 2 bike rides. But I will try to include some pullups going forward 🙂


    1. Hi BI, triatlon… man your way ahead of me in sport stuff. I try doing 2 week runs as well. One longer at the weekend and one shorter after work at mid of the week. Need to do 2 small runs after work. Either way it is one of the best ways to knock out work thoughts 😉


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