2019 Q1 Dividend income


Surprise surprise, the 2019Q1 is coming to it’s end and as a DGI blog one of most important post is to track the dividend income and since i’m doing it on quarterly basis, so here it is 🙂

2019 Q1 Dividends:

This quarter we received 57 EUR. Compared to 2017 Q1 21 EUR YoY growth remains very good almost triple of what we received last year. As you know I have divested some of our holdings and we are in cash accumulation phase as I believe hard Brexit will triger beer market. Lets see how future will unfoald. Until then I will sleep better with some cash on my hand. And in the meantime I will collect them dividends from my remaining holdings.

And one of my holding Kraft Heinz decreased its dividends. Share price has declined almost twice. As a DGI I should divest…. mmm I dont think so. Contrary I think KHZ does the right thing – deleveriging. I think MCD actions are wrong. In L/T perspective this will have positive efect on company so im thinking even about buying in a little bit. In general business is viable and should survive in 20y or even 50y. I like their tomato 🙂

Company Dividends in EUR / (in USD / Change)
AT&T 17,1 EUR / (19,6$ / +7,3$)
Verzon Communications 7,3 EUR / (8,4$ / – ) 
Proctor & Gamble 6,7 EUR / (7,5$ / – ) 
Southern 5,6 EUR / (6,3$ / – )
General mills 4,2 EUR / (4,8$ / – ) 
Target 4,0 EUR / (4,5$ / – )
Pfizer 3,5 EUR / (4,0$ / +0,2$ )
Intel –  / -3,6$ )
American Electric Power 3,3 EUR / (3,8$ / – ) 
Jonson&Jonson 2,8 EUR / (3,2$ / – )
Kraft Heinz 2,5 EUR / (2,8$ / -1,6$
Total 57 EUR

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  1. Even with focusing on cash accumulation you still were almost able to triple the quarter return. As I mentioned before, investing in accordance with your risk tolerance is important. It’s not healthy to be on pins and needles stressing over what the market will do. I think it’s better to pursue a strategy that you are comfortable with and that allows you to sleep well at night. It seems that’s what you’ve done regarding Brexit.


    1. Exatly DP. Im doing just that. Lets wait and see. Month or so will not do any harm. Either way brexit or no brexit overheating is materialising in US and whole world. Nothing has changeds. Growth economy cycle will end some time and I need cash for decline times 🙂


  2. Nice progress compared to last year P2035! I like your decision to accumulate some cash if it makes you sleep better 🙂
    We are on different strategies but both of them should work in the long term 🙂


    1. Hi BI. Yes definatlym. Our strategy in general is to spend less then we earn and then do something smart with the diferent (savings). Either way we are doomed to be ok as most important thing is to spend less then you earn and do that for the rest of your life and your doomed to be rich at the end 😉


  3. That KHC messed many in the DGI space. Diversification helped mitigate the damage. Nice solid group of companies paying you as well. Keep that dividend growing coming in and growing each quarter.


    1. Hi DivHut. Yes but im one of thouse rare people who even support this move. Decreasing leverage is a good step. Keep on paying bigger divedends and ignoring the problem, that is a real no go. I bought up more KHC after their nosedive of share price betting on a comeback. Red flag was there NetDebt/EBITDA >3 but I ignored it so now its double or nothing 🙂


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