Y2019 Goals

To wrap up Y2018, was a great year 🙂 It all went down to our Family enlargement. As Y2019 has come its time to set goals for this year. And there is no better way as to look at the old Y2018 goals:

  1. Have a baby COMPLETED!!!
  2. Save 15% of income Completed (Actual 16%) 
  3. Run 300 km. (Actual 201 km) – Failed

This year we tried something new. We each wrote 10 goals on a paper without showing to each other. Then we combined them, especially ones that we mentioned by both of us. Then discussed them, ranked and excluded few least import. As each year we use SMART goal methodology. I think its a great tool for setting goals and every one should try it. And here they are Y2019 goals:

  1. Save 20% of income.
  2. Accumulate 5 kEUR in cash.
  3. Run 300 km.
  4. Loose weight to 85 kg.
  5. Buy new car.
  6. Arrange baptism for our daughter.
  7. Visit new country (Bulgaria).
  8. Visit 5 new small towns in our country.

This year saving rate came back to #1 position as it is very unlikely to have 2nd baby. Lets leave that for Y2020 😉 As 15% was met in Y2018 we set the bar little bit higher 🙂 Saving is the foundation for DGI as without saving there is no investing and without investing there is no dividends.

Now there is one new goal – accumulate 5 kEUR in cash. Altough most of economic indicators that I have mentioned in my post Is the next Recession really coming? (updated) dont show signs of overheating there is that fealing in the air that crisis is coming. Stock market had a major correction and is very volatile in Y2018. For some reason I have a feeling that recession will hit us in Y2020 so I decided to dedicate my savings to cash accumulation unless stock market will bottom and great companies will be on sale for good price something like JNJ for 100$ or CSCO for 30$.

Next we have one goal that im failing 3rd year in a row. Need to pull myself together and finally make running more stable habit.

Then there is my second health related goal that I actualy had for Y2018. My promise to my wife to lose 5 kg from 90 kg at the end of Y2017. Guess what is my weight now? Yeee its 92 kg 😀 Great progress hah… So now its official. Im losing weight in Y2019. And I decided to do it not with fancy diets but with stable sport activity.

Then one goal that was in both of our lists – buy a new car. Old one is tottaly broken. I know I will get shamed for such goal by DGI community, but we need a working car. I hope for a smart pick 🙂

And remaining 3 goals that were in both of our list or we both liked them 🙂

So that is it for 2019 goals. The stage is set, lets see how the play will go.

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  1. Hi 😉

    Awesome on using SMART goals! And especially, how you combine yours with the spouse. I’ve felt jealous there for a moment 😉

    As for running, I have a feeling maybe you should try something else? I believe it’s two years in a row. Maybe it’s indication that running is not really for you and you need to find another sport activity?


    1. Hi Povilas. Yes I like that SMART goal setting technique. Also I used goal setting method used in team works. Family is a team from the bit T or it will end up sidways 🙂

      What relates to running. Yee it might be the case, but I will try direrent aproach this time. Go slow and easy. Do 1-2 km at a run and only if im feelibg good will run more. Dont have to push myself like the last time. But I think running is the best sport so far. Im doing it altough unregulary but still doing since 2012 or so. Thats 7 years 😉 All I need I think is just dont overdoit 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Rob. Hope this year will finaly get that 300km mark. Its actualy not that hard. I managed to do 100kn/month when I was preparing for my 3 week military training.

      What relates to 5 small towns. This was my wife goal, but actualy I was thinking about it for some time. Will dockument the visit. I think I will post thouse visits here 🙂


  2. Awesome goals. I think they will stretch you to the limit; 20% saving rate, first full year with your bambino and buying a car!

    Buying a car to enable you to work is not shameful, it is just how often the purchase occurs. If you buy a car that lasts you 10 years is very different from buying a new car every year or two.

    Do you do exercise as a family e.g. long walks etc or do you and your wife/partner only exercise seperately? Could be a fun way to exercise and have family time.

    All the best for the year ahead.


    1. Thanks Marty 🙂 Yee 20% will be a real challenge. Yes im looking for a car that would last format least 10y. And im doing exercise alone and running alone. My wife is not very sporty, but since she is 8y younger then me I guess she can as I have -20y disadvantage (man live -12y shorter on average) 😀


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