Y2018 Budget

Happy new years everyone 🙂 Y2018 just passed and what a year it was. As you know The big day has arrived! and now we are a family of 3. Also I sucked at sports this year and failed my other goal to run 300 km. So how did we did with saving goal? Surprisingly good 🙂 During Q4 expenses was on a high side (5,8 kEUE) but income was high as well (6,9 kEUR) so the end result was +1,1 kEUR or 16% saving rate, which is actualy in line with our goal to save 15% of our income. Income was high due to onetime payments from my job (0,3 kEUR) and payment by municipality (0,4 kEUR). Expenses were higher as ~1 kEUR was spent on finishing of the kitchen.


Y2018 Income:

Our income continue to grow and reached 25,5 kEUR. That is +1,9 kEUR or +8% compared to last year. My salary increased by 1 kEUR, while my wife’s 0,8 kEUR. Dividend income showed no major breakthrough and remained at 0,4 kEUR level or just 1,6% from our income.


Y2018 Expenses:

To my surprise expenses were even little bit lower then last year 21,4 kEUR. Our cost on home (mortgage loan, utilities and repair works) decreased if not calculating 5kEUR money borrowed from my mother. On the other hand I’m including 100€/mo payments as cost. Food cost increased quite substantially from 4,9 kEUR to 5,8 kEUR as need for better quality food appeared due to pregnancy and later breastfeeding. Transport cost were on the same level with 1/2 of them is car repair cost. This year we need to buy a new car as old one is totally broken despite almost 1kEUR that was invested into the car repair. 17y working french car is not possible. I think it is stupid to spend money on something that doesn’t work 😀 So it is better to spend little bit more and have normal working car. This year we had very cheap holiday.


Y2018 Saving:

So the end result of our cash flow this year was +4 kEUR or 16% of our income of 25,5 kEUR. Most of these saved money were invested in dividend paying US companies.  I have calculated that in total 3,2 kEUR was invested. So let’s congratulate ourselves:

  • Save 15% of income Completed (Actual 16%) 


This wraps up our Y2018 goals. I have to say that year was very good one 2 out of 3 goals were achieved 🙂 How was this year for you, my dear blog reader?

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  1. What is your goal with 15% saving rate?
    With your 3d family member, don’t you think that this will be 0% if you don’t increase your revenue?
    Any plans to multiply revenue in coming years?


    1. Hi Evoinvestor. I will comeback to Y2019 goals later. I think 15% is achievable even with the kind 😉 There is not that much cost right now. Our major cost that can be decreased is home repair. What relates to income increase. I think I will get a pay rise at work as our companies results are very good. Good idea about multiply revenue source.


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