Y2018 Dividend increases

I thought as a DGI kind of guy I should look trough my portfolio dividend changes during Y2018 🙂 Frankly speaking I was not very satisfied what I found 😦

Baltic companies was volatile in dividends as usual. MRK and KNF increased their dividends almost x2 which were one-off increases lead by some need from the shareholders. On the other side TVEAT and ESO decreased their dividends. TVEAT dividend cut is some sort off pressure by their majority shareholders to Talinn municipality that owns 1/3 of shares regarding their disputes over rates. You cut our rates, we cut your income (dividends). ESO dividends were one-off increased last year. My portfolio average stand at quite good +21%. Sad that my largest holdings TAL, TVEAT, ESO were the ones who decreased of remained unchanged dividends with exception of TKM. Due to that my income was at similar level to last year.

What relates to USA companies I’ve notices that my dividend increase is very low 😦 Only +4%. By looking for a good yield, strong balance sheet, and good e-valuation it looks like I missed out on dividend growth. GIS and KHC were companies that kept their dividends flat due to challenges they are facing, this is why their price is attractive (figures). All the other companies increased their dividends by single digit with Telcos T and VZ that are also one of my largest US holdings increased their dividends by mare +2%. Only company in my portfolio that increased its dividends by double digit was INTC that raised its dividends by +10%… That makes my thinking, was my strategy the right one… Growth companies prices at the market tend to be high, so this is why i’m not getting that much growth as im targeting for low P/E ratios. This table makes me thinking. Either way +4% is also a number that it slightly above inflation, so my US dividend income growth at least not eaten by inflation 🙂

Company Y2017 Dividends Y2018 Dividends Change
Merko Construction         0,410 €         1,000 € 144%
Klaipėdos nafta         0,025 €         0,045 € 76%
Harju Electrics         0,180 €         0,240 € 33%
Ekspress Grupp         0,060 €         0,070 € 17%
Vilkyškių pieninė         0,120 €         0,140 € 17%
Tallinna Kaubamaja         0,630 €         0,690 € 10%
Apranga         0,160 €         0,170 € 6%
Tallink         0,030 €         0,030 € 0%
Tallinna Vesi         0,540 €         0,360 € -33%
ESO         0,104 €         0,039 € -62%
 Baltics average  21%
Intel         0,273 €         0,300 € 10%
American Electric Power         0,620 €         0,670 € 8%
Jonson&Jonson         0,840 €         0,900 € 7%
Pfizer         0,320 €         0,340 € 6%
Proctor & Gamble         0,690 €         0,717 € 4%
Southern         0,580 €         0,600 € 3%
Target         0,620 €         0,640 € 3%
Verzon Communication         0,590 €         0,603 € 2%
AT&T         0,490 €         0,500 € 2%
General mills         0,490 €         0,490 € 0%
Kraft Heinz         0,625 €         0,625 € 0%
 USA average  4%

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