Y2018 Dividend income


2018 Q4 Dividends:

This quarter we received 63 EUR. Compared to 2017Q4 41 EUR YoY growth stands at  nice +54%. As you can see the ‘red’ income from US companies is taking over the graph. This quarter new dividend payer SO joined the family with +6,3$ quarterly payments. Also VZ and AEP increased their dividends bringing us additional +0,4$ each quarter.

Company Dividends
AT&T 10,8 EUR (12,3$)
Verzon Communications 7,4 EUR (8,4$/+0,1$
Proctor & Gamble 6,7 EUR (7,5$) 
Southern 5,6 EUR (6,3$/+6,3$)
General mills 4,2 EUR (4,8$)
Target 3,9 EUR (4,5$)
Kraft Heinz 3,9 EUR (4,4$)
Pfizer 3,4 EUR (3,8$)
Intel 3,2 EUR (3,6$)
American Electric Power 3,3 EUR (3,8$/+0,3$
Jonson&Jonson 2,8 EUR (3,2$)
Total 63,3 EUR

Y2018 Dividends:

Now the fun part. Lets count the chickens of Y2018. And good news, we have passed 400 EUR mark this year. Total dividend income this year amounted to 409 EUR, which was Δ+33 EUR more then last year or Δ+8%. As last year our biggest dividend payer remained Tallinna Kaubajama that paid 77,3 EUR or +6,7 EUR more then year before. 2nd place this year was AT&T that brought us 41,2 EUR. This year they are doomed to increase even further due to recent buy. ESO was a disappointment and brought us -38 EUR less, but since last year was unusual high I see this as just return back to normal levels. Harju Electrics decreased due to divestment of some of shares, dividends per share has increased for this company. Another major disappointment was Olympic Enterntainment, that resulted in biggest loss of dividends income. Also divested the company and redistributed the capital to other US companies. All other companies except Tallinna Vesi contributed to dividend growth. Hopeful next year the growth will kick in more as there should not be any major decreases in Baltic.

Company Y2017 Dividends Y2018 Dividends Change
Tallinna Kaubajama 70,6 EUR 77,3 EUR +6,7 EUR
AT&T 8,8 EUR 41,3 EUR +32,5 EUR
Harju Electrics 44,9 EUR 24,0 EUR -20,9 EUR
ESO 61,8 EUR 23,4 EUR -38,4 EUR
Ekspress Grupp 19,2 EUR 22,4 EUR +3,2 EUR
Verzon Communication 21,2 EUR +21,2 EUR
Merko Construction 8,6 EUR 21,0 EUR +12,4 EUR
Tallink 20,3 EUR 20,3 EUR
Tallinna Vesi 28,6 EUR 19,1 EUR -9,5 EUR
Proctor & Gamble 16,4 EUR +16,4 EUR
Klaipėdos nafta 9,1 EUR 16,0 EUR +6,9 EUR
Target 7,3 EUR 15,0 EUR +7,7 EUR
General mills 12,3 EUR +12,3 EUR
Intel 8,6 EUR 12,3 EUR +3,7 EUR
American Electric Power 12,0 EUR +12,0 EUR
Kraft Heinz 11,5 EUR +11,5 EUR
Jonson&Jonson 10,5 EUR 10,6 EUR +0,1 EUR
Pfizer 10,0 EUR +10,0 EUR
Vilkyškių pieninė 8,5 EUR 9,9 EUR +1,4 EUR
Apranga 7,3 EUR 7,8 EUR +0,5 EUR
Southern 5,6 EUR +5,6 EUR
Olympic Entertainment 62,5 EUR -62,5 EUR
Total 376,6  EUR 409,4 EUR +32,8 EUR

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  1. Hey P2035,
    Congrats on a great quarter and amazing increase compared to last year! It looks like your dividends are going to accelerate even faster after your recent investments to the US companies.
    Keep it up!


  2. I think that you’ll achieve it with flying colors. I like your content. I see the numbers are working to your advantage. I’m filling you and cheering on your success . Bravo!!


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