2018 Q3 Sport

Short update on sports. I have to say Q3 was miserable what relates to sports. For few months I completely abandoned running and morning routines 😦 Whats even worse I got really nasty sick on September and had to skip marathon this year, which I was in for the last 5-6 years.

Either way I managed to run 43 km during Q3 making total distance this year – 198 km. I might not reach the 300 km target, but I still might do better then in Y2017 when I ran 200 km. I will not push my self and will start with small 1-2 km runs. Also restart with morning routines as I have totally abandoned them on August and September.



2 thoughts on “2018 Q3 Sport

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  1. Hi P2035,
    We all have some periods when we need to take a break. Good luck on getting back on track. You need to show good example for your baby-girl and stay healthy! 🙂


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