So the 3rd quarter has passed with superb new on our family enlargement 🙂 So lets get down to some numbers as despite low sleep and fewer time left I will try to stay with my routine on these reports. Not much action was on dividend income side, but as you can see dividends from US companies are slowly rising 🙂


2018 Q3 Dividends:

In total we received 91 EUR this quarter. 42 EUR was bought by two Estonian companies, while US companies bought us 49 EUR. To compare thats +5 EUR compared to Q2 and +36 EUR compared to 13 EUR received in 2017Q3, thats a nice almost x4 growth if compared YoY. On increase side this quarter only Target increased their dividends by +0,02$/share increasing our dividend income by +0,2$ each quarter. Proctor&Gamble dividend increase by +4,0$ was due to recent buy.

Company Dividends
Ekspress Grupp 22,4 EUR
Tallink 20,3 EUR
AT&T 10,5 EUR (12,3$)
Verzon Communications 7,0 EUR (8,3$)
Proctor & Gamble 6,7 EUR (7,5$/+4,0$
General mills 4,1 EUR (4,8$)
Target 3,9 EUR (4,5$/+0,2$
Kraft Heinz 3,8 EUR (4,4$)
Pfizer 3,3 EUR (3,8$)
Intel 3,1 EUR (3,6$)
American Electric Power  3,0 EUR (3,5$)
Jonson&Jonson  2,7 EUR (3,2$)
Total 90,7 EUR