2018 Q2 Sport

And the first half of Y2018 has just ended, time to look how I was doing with my sport Y2018 Goal to run 300 km.

I have to say its doing very well, because as off today I managed to run 155 km. and that is 52% of years goals, so i’m just a few km. over my goal. Since I got seriously sick ran only 5 km in April, but then got back on track and done 49 km both in May and June. I’m not sure about running half-marathon this year as it is not good for my health. For now I will be sticking to shorter 3-5km. distances with sometimes doing 10 km   and will see how I will feel at August.

Other thing that I mentioned i’m doing is morning routines of exercise + cold shower + meditation. In Q1 I managed to do it 75% of days, this quarter 61 times out of 91 times and that’s 68%. A bit bellow from Q1, but again I was out for a full week in April. Bit bellow my 80% goal, need to be more disciplined as I see that i’m less and less motivated 😦 But good thing is that before work it became sort of routine 🙂 Either way starting 2/3 of days with this energy bomb is a great achievement for not so sporty guy as me.


How was you sport achievements? Did you gave up on your new years resolutions or on the track to reach them?


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  1. We are on the same page, pal. This year I am getting ready for full marathon. Unfortunately, I do not find motivation to do morning exercises and to eat more garlic with butter and bread to get better immunity 🙂
    Don’t stop half way, keep on the pace!


    1. Eating habits is something I should look for next 🙂 I also made new years promis to my wife to lose 5kg. Also honeymoon promis to have a six pack still sits undone after 4y 😛


      1. Install the app called Six Pack in 30 Days. That will do the things! 😀


      2. I’m sure she wasn’t naive enough to believe you 😀

        There is a saying: a woman expects a man to change after marriage. Meanwhile, a man expects a woman to stay the same. However, both of them are wrong.


      3. Well the result is actualy not the most important. To be fit and healthy. If i miss kilo or so that no big deal but it would be good or me to lose that 5kg 🙂


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