2018 Q2 Dividends

And another quarter is finishing. Its just one week till 2018H1 will end and we have collected all of our passive income – dividends, this quarter. When I look to comparison with 2017Q2 or even 2016Q2 result does not look that impressive and the main reason was Portfolio redistribution where we sold OEG due to its cancellation of dividends losing 62,5 EUR of dividends. On the other hand our heavy investment in US stock resulted in wooping x2 increase from 21 EUR to 44 EUR. So did the number of US companies that paid us. VZ, GIS, KHC, PG, PFE joined the ranks. What is more important this cash flow from US companies is much more predictable and table then Baltic companies.


2018 Q1 Dividends:

In total we received 234 EUR of dividend income during this quarter. Slightly lower then year before but we expect higher dividends durring next Q3 and Q4 and we should break 400 EUR line this year as US companies will pay us ~90 EUR durring next 2018H2 also TVEA, TAL, EEG and ESO should bring us another ~75 EUR.

Company Dividends
Tallina kaubajama 77,3 EUR
Hariju electrics 24,0 EUR
Merko Ehtus 21,0 EUR
Tallina vesi 19.1 EUR
Klaipėdos nafta 16,0 EUR
ESO 15,1 EUR
AT&T 10,2 EUR (12,3$)
Vilkyčių pieninė 9,9 EUR
Apranga 7,8 EUR
Verzon Communications 6,8 EUR (8,3$)
General mills 4,0 EUR (4,8$)
Kraft Heinz 3,8 EUR (4,4$)
Target 3,7 EUR (4,3$)
Pfizer 3,3 EUR (3,8$)
Intel 3,1 EUR (3,6$)
Proctor & Gamble 3,0 EUR (3,5$)
American Electric Power 2,9 EUR (3,5$)
Jonson&Jonson 2,7 EUR (3,2$)
Total 233,5 EUR

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