For some time now I was thinking about making my investment portfolio financial analysis. My last peer comparison was done with purchase of AEP, when I done a short comparison of Utility stocks. Then I thought why can’t I do the same with my 10 US stocks that i’m currently invested in. To have a look what is cooking at my own portfolio πŸ™‚

What I see is that none of my investment are overvalued if looking at Forward P/E. Telco’s are even undervalued. Yield is a bit on short side for JNJ and INTC, but it is compensated by their lower payout ratio and strong balance. Don’t like weak capital of VZ, GIS, TGT and AEP, but they are still in more or less rational levels in today’s crazy market (no companies with negative equity). Most of my investments are low leveraged (NetDebt/EBITDA <1,5), with some exceptions to KHC (compensated by good capital ratio and yield) and AEP (higher leverage ok for Utility).

When looking at my portfolio average all ratios are more or less ok, except Capital ratio, that i’m not happy with. If looking at which company to invest in (except Telco’s that I have large enough exposure already) PG and PFE would be my choice. If not looking to bit low present yield INTC and JNJ would be also good pretenders with their strong balances.

What would be your choice from this list?