2018 Q1 Sport

And the last thing that I would like to share is my sport activity during Q1. As you remember in Y2018 Goals I have set to run 300 km this year, which I failed in Y2017.

And the result is quite good as for an off-season (winter) quarter. I’ve managed to make 20 runs and 51 km. This year i’m not making last years mistake and starting with short 1-2 km runs after work and some longer 5-7 km. 1 run at weekend. Later when my shape will improve I will consider increasing the distances. Actually I’ve managed to run 32 km at March which is just what I need to completed my goal in remaining 9 months.

Another great thing that I would like to share is my achievements on morning routines of exercise + cold shower + meditation, which I try to do at each and every morning when I wake up. And it works 🙂 By now I’ve manager to do this morning routine in 28 out of 31 days in March, 23 out of 28 days in February and 14 out of 31 days in January taking into account that I’ve started this at mid of January. That’s 68 out of 90 days or 75% of this great routine that makes me feel extremely great and energized during the day. I intend to keep this routine at >80% ratio during this year. I’m not sure if I should add this to my Y2018 goal list tough, but never the less I’ll let you updated here on that.

How is your sport goals going on lately? Let me know it;s nice to compare. People even invented Olympic games for that matter 😉

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  1. P2035, I have been trying to stick to running 2 miles every other day and walking 1-3 miles on the off day. I started in March when the weather warmed up a bit. Tom


    1. Nice plan. I have similar plan or running each second day 1-3 km and then have a bigger run at weekend 5-10 km. I have a goal to run to my old-town which is 20-23 km run forward and return. Last year managed to run 15 km and then 21 in half-marathon but was not well prepared.


  2. My fiancee recently got a rowing machine so I’ve been working up to doing that daily.

    I really have to get back into cold showers as well. They’re so invigorating.


    1. Nice. Any exercize is good 🙂 And yes thouse cold showers do wonderfull things
      if you add meditation after the cold shower the mind is energuzed to the max 🙂


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