As April hit it is time for our quarterly Budget report πŸ™‚ I tough that I can make the budget part a little bit more simple and concentrate on most important stuff. I guess for most of you it is not interesting how we spent something on buying new socks or stuff like that. I guest the most important thing in budgeting is Income, Expenses and most of all their sum – Savings. So I bring you concentrated graph on these stuff.



Lets run quickly trough the figures. This quarter we hit a record with 7 kEURΒ of income! Main trigger for such increase was 1,7 kEUR bonus. Thank you my employer for that πŸ™‚ My wage income was same old 3,7 kEUR and my wife 1,6 kEUR. Dividend income as mentioned in previous post was at minor 21 EUR or 0,3% of our Total income.


With high income also came high expenses. They were not at record high but still 5,7 kEURΒ and was way above 4,5 kEUR mark that we need to keep our expenses at if to reach 15% saving rate from 22,5 kEUR annual income that we received during Y2017. Lets break down to numbers:

  • As always most of that cost was food – 1,2 kEUR, I could say same level as quarters previously.
  • Then we have fix cost of mortgage loan – 0,6 kEUR and Utilities – 0,6 kEUR. Stable and similar to year before.
  • Next we had higher transportation cost of 0,7 kEUR due to car repair cost of 0,4 kEUR and some more gas cost as from February i’m driving my wife to work due to reasons Ill write little bit later πŸ˜‰
  • And further we have 0,9 kEUR spent on home repair/improvement. 550 EUR was spend on new TV and 250 EUR on newΒ wardrobe. TV and new wardrobe were bough from 1/2 of my bonus as other 1/2 went to investment. Its nice to balance things and have little bit of that and little bit of this πŸ™‚
  • And last there was 1,3 kEUR other expenses with major part of them 0,5 kEUR medical expenses.

So car repair, new TV + wardrobe and medical expenses were the main reason why we crossed the 4,5 kEUR mark. Last year expenses were above this mark during all 4 quarters. Lets see how this year will go. I have a feeling that keeping expenses below 4,5 kEUR will be a little bit hard πŸ™‚


And at last we have saving results. This quarter it was at 1.302 kEUR. Slightly lower then year before but still a good result. Saving rate was standing at very nice +19% even taking into account that additional spending from my bonus πŸ™‚ Last year we started even better +30% and then went on spending money on kitchen repairs. This year it will be similar as works in kitchen are far from completed, but lets keep positive. Investments are pouring into our portfolio so all should be well πŸ˜‰

So how was your firs 3 months of Y2018?