2018 Q1 Dividends

The quarter is not yet over, but I’m eager to share our 2018 Q1 dividend income as all of dividends that were scheduled for this quarter already received. As you all know 2018 Q1 was a real shopping time for us in the stock market. At first in mid January we bought American Electric Power, then at the begging of February we bought Procter & Gamble and last but not least at end of February Pfizer. Wow that’s 1,4 kEUR of new capital into our little dividend machine! This was a great shooping quarter, when good things went on sale if you know what I mean 😉 Now how did this added up to our dividend stream.


2018 Q1 Dividends:

In total we received 21 EUR of dividend income during this quarter. That’s not much, but taking into account that it was dividends paid only by US companies, which are lower due to -30% income tax and generally lower yields but are much more stable then my Baltic companies holdings. The family of quarterly dividend payers has increased to 5 and 2 more will join next quarter.

Company Dividends
AT&T 9,8 EUR
Target 3,5 EUR
Intel 2,9 EUR
American Electric Power 2,8 EUR
Jonson&Jonson 2,4 EUR
Total 21,4 EUR

Compared to 2017Q4 13 EUR dividend QoQ income from US companies growth is quite impressive Δ+61%! This has to do with our earlier purchases of T (+5,5 EUR) back in 2017Q4 and as mentioned AEP (+2,8 EUR) in January. Also lets not forget the INTC dividend raise, which also contributed its +0,2 EUR small but important share to this dividend snowball. Next quarter dividend income is doomed for further growth with latest purchase of PG and PFE taking their tole. Slowly inching forward toward our ultimate goal of Financial independence.

How was quarter for you my dear reader? 🙂

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  1. Hello 🙂
    What bank/broker firm do you hold your stock investments?
    When you invest in US stocks, do you just pay 30% income tax? Because I remember some time ago I wanted to invest into US stocks, but I was told that I will also have to do my income declaration/tax return form every year and that would cost 90$.
    Do you have to do that too or is no longer mandatory?


    1. Hi Vytas. I use one of banks brocker. What relates to us stocks yes the bank charge me 30%. As i understood I have to do declaration if i want to get back 15%. I havent filles the income declaration so we will see 🙂


  2. P2035, Looks like we are buying/holding many of the same stocks. And, with the market sell off combined with dividend increases there are some healthy yields starting to become available. Tom


    1. Jup, I noticed that some DGI investors buy/hold similar portfolios. I also find very useful to look at others portfolios as it is a sience fact that group of people take beter decisions as a group then as individuals 🙂


      1. Hi 😉

        Technically it’s not a fact because it’s not true 😀
        There was an experiment performed. The scientists would address a question to a group of people. In the group, there would be only one real participant. Other people would give the wrong answers to the question. In this situation, the participants would very often give the same wrong answer, instead of answering correctly.
        Sadly, can’t recall the experiment name.
        Moreover, the group of people overall do more stupid things than individuals. That’s how bubbles happen because the whole group acts as a herd and make the same choice…

        Though knowledge sharing is power and checking what others do is helpful as long as you apply your own judgement 😉

        By the way, that’s an awesome tree, where can I buy one? 😀


      2. Povilas you are both right and wrong. Wrong what relates to my example that group of people as a group take better decisions then each of them on average. Tried myself few times, it works 😉 Group of people are good at doing specific task.

        BUT you are right if other member of the group has intention to sabotage the resut. In fact it only take 1 active initiative person to intentinously sabotage whole group results. And yes group of people witout clear direction and goal acts as bunch of animals 🙂 but that is a diferent thin.

        And what relates to the tree you have one already. I have one small tree as well. And you can buy it on the merket 😀 Dividend paying companies are like money tree. And best part you dont even have to water it 😀


      3. Oh, that’s the tree… I thought it’s from the special shop… and that it’s not so goddamn expensive…

        And not being able to water it makes me said. A really weird plant 😀

        Liked by 1 person

  3. impressive increase. proportionally Baltic stocks still contributr.to majority if your portfolio? bases on newest info about TAL lost of investor, OEG exit/zero div this year – any plans to switch portfolio structure? what are your thoughts on OEG decision? personally quite a huge loss – this year planned div were already scheduled for family autumn vacations..


    1. Hi jeronimo. I could not find news regarding OEG no dividends… that would be a hit. Well no wonder im moving all my fund to us… fira TEO cut their dividends, then TVEA and OEG back to 10ct from 15ct. What relates to TAL im not worried as long as they generate dividends. I guess ill just wait and see with OEG but that would be a real disapointment… At least TKM increased its dividends… at least one company remains positive.

      yes for now baltics makes most of my income, but i suppose not for long 🙂


      1. this is a real crap… but on the other side the money stays in the company and as long as owners will not make any scam sceams to take them out without shareing with little ones its not a tragedy. But I will wait for >2€ buyout. But shit this is a real crap :/


      2. ou and if they delist from omx baltic they have to buyout all of shares meaning your shares will be sold automaticaly for regulators set price which is mostly something around 1y average


  4. Hi P2035 – You have some stocks in your portfolio that I have my eye on. It’s blogs like yours and others that have got me doing the same – great way to share ideas. I’ve been looking at T for a while – hoping it will get over a 6% yield to purchase. (around 33.33 a share) if not I might bite early. Keep up the good work! Cheers


    1. Thanks DD. Sure will do 🙂 I have made some capital realocation which I will post in shot time soon. More US dividends in the end 🙂


  5. I love your shipping spree you went on. Nice to see people still buying dividend stocks even when the market is going crazy. You picked up some good names. Keep collecting those dividends no matter how much comes in. It’s all about building and growing over time. You are doing well.


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