The quarter is not yet over, but I’m eager to share our 2018 Q1 dividend income as all of dividends that were scheduled for this quarter already received. As you all know 2018 Q1 was a real shopping time for us in the stock market. At first in mid January we bought American Electric Power, then at the begging of February we bought Procter & Gamble and last but not least at end of February Pfizer. Wow that’s 1,4 kEUR of new capital into our little dividend machine! This was a great shooping quarter, when good things went on sale if you know what I mean 😉 Now how did this added up to our dividend stream.


2018 Q1 Dividends:

In total we received 21 EUR of dividend income during this quarter. That’s not much, but taking into account that it was dividends paid only by US companies, which are lower due to -30% income tax and generally lower yields but are much more stable then my Baltic companies holdings. The family of quarterly dividend payers has increased to 5 and 2 more will join next quarter.

Company Dividends
AT&T 9,8 EUR
Target 3,5 EUR
Intel 2,9 EUR
American Electric Power 2,8 EUR
Jonson&Jonson 2,4 EUR
Total 21,4 EUR

Compared to 2017Q4 13 EUR dividend QoQ income from US companies growth is quite impressive Δ+61%! This has to do with our earlier purchases of T (+5,5 EUR) back in 2017Q4 and as mentioned AEP (+2,8 EUR) in January. Also lets not forget the INTC dividend raise, which also contributed its +0,2 EUR small but important share to this dividend snowball. Next quarter dividend income is doomed for further growth with latest purchase of PG and PFE taking their tole. Slowly inching forward toward our ultimate goal of Financial independence.

How was quarter for you my dear reader? 🙂