Today I was browsing trough boring rapports at the market. One company announced this, other that, pff boring stuff… and then my eye was coughs by one 2 week old message from my largest dividend employee Tallinna Kaubamaja. They are having annual shareholders meeting in 6 days but most important what is the Managment Board proposed agenda. They are proposing to pay out most of Y2018 profit with 0,69 EUR / share annual one-time dividend payment! Bam how about that 🙂 This represents +9,5% growth compared to 0,63 EUR paid dividends in Y2017. Since we are a proud owners of 112 of this company this increase will bring us additional +5,7 EUR annual dividend income after tax (0,06 EUR x 112 -15%). And that’s +0,48 EUR/mo. of our passive income increase! How about that. And if we put it together with Intel dividend increase that bought us additional 0,125 EUR/mo. we already have +60 ct./mo. additional income each month that’s +0,03%. to our income. This increase has further boosted YOC of this investment that already reached 9,2% (after tax!). How about that. Investment that was done back in 2015-2016 now generates almost two digit return 🙂

This raise increased our forward dividend income to 382 EUR or 32 EUR/mo. (after TAX) slowly inching toward financial independence. Lets have a peak where that stands. With 1.713 EUR/mo expenses progress stands at 1,9%.