I would like to share one exciting milestone that we accomplished lately – as title says our investments into shares has surpassed 10 kEUR mark after purchase of PG last week. I know its not that important what is the investment value, but it is more important how much dividends cash flow it creates, but its nice to celebrate these little achievement. 🙂

I keep track of my portfolio on Google Finance, which I find one of most handy tools for companies financial analysis. And looking at the chart I find it amazing how putting aside few hundred euros each month could have accumulated such amount is just over 3,5 years. And the growth is quite steady if you look at the chart.


The most important thing is that this, now 5 figure, investment portfolio will generate us passive dividend income of over 360 EUR each year or 30 EUR/mo. I know I know its nothing compared to other dividend investors that have portfolios that generates 5 figure annual income, but hey our income is not 6 figures either 🙂 Reinvesting dividends received will to that compounding dividend magic in long run and hopefully we should reach our ultimate goalto become financially independent till Y2035.

So lets celebrate this little achievement! How is your investment portfolio doing? Did you crossed any exciting mark lately? 🙂