Y2018 Goals

And the last thing that has to be done at begging of year is setting year new y2018 goals. There is no better way to set new goals is to have a look at the old ones. So lets look again at our y2017 goals.

  1. Have a baby – Failed
  2. Save 15% of income. (Actual 9%) – Failed
  3. Have Total investment value 25 kEUR:  Completed
  4. Visit a new country Completed (Belgium & Croatia)
  5. Repair kitchen balcony. Completed
  6. Run 300 km. (Actual 200 km) – Failed
  7. Run a half-marathon 21 km. Completed (2:32)

I think it is a good challenge to take the failed ones and have them included into new year goals as well. So here we have 3 goals for Y2018:

  1. Have a baby
  2. Save 15% of income.
  3. Run 300 km.

If I look at it these are the core goals. Having less goals is also a good thing as you can concentrate what is most important. If you look there is no reason to have investment goals such as accumulate investment value or dividend income as they are directly related to saving rate. The more you save, the more you invest, the more you get passive income. 3rd goal is sport related. I was thinking about expanding them like having workouts, cold showers and meditation at the morning, but keeping only the running goal looks good as well. I think these 3 goals fits very nicely SMART goal methodology. They are surely specif and measurable. I think it is also quite ambitious as these are the goals that we failed last year. There is no better way to fix failed goals then to have them completed 🙂 Realistic – definitely. So here we are with our new year, only 3, but most important goals.

6 thoughts on “Y2018 Goals

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  1. Good luck with the goals for the year especially in having a healthy happy kid to raise!

    On the cold shower front, is that something you do now or want to start? I tried it for a while and liked it but it’s so hard to stick to since warmth is so much better!


  2. At least you achieved some of the goals you’ve laid out in 2017 P2035, so congrats on achieving those. Good luck in achieving the new ones in 2018. I agree that there is some benefit in having shorter but more focused goals.


  3. Nice to see you putting the goals you did not accomplish on the list to accomplish this year. SMART goals are the way to go. I agree that having a portfolio value goal is kind of meaningless because the market doesn’t move in a straight line. A dip in the market means your investment value goes down, but it isn’t a loss since you are holding. I prefer to have my goals set to how much I want to invest in my portfolio. Since it targets save percentage, as well as portfolio and dividend growth. Best of luck completing your goals!


    1. Thanks DD. Hope the best for your 2018 goals also. I think saving rate is more important then invested amount. You can invest more then you save in S/T perspective. Also the 200€ could be a big amount or couls be nothing. It depends on your earnings 🙂 but either way both are good goals and a SMART goals 🙂


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