Y2017 Sports

Ok so the last thing that I would like to look at is my sport goals of Y2017.

  • Run 300 km. (Actual 200 km) – Failed
  • Run a half-marathon 21 km. Completed (2:32)

I managed to run the half-marathon, but just barely. I have to admin that I was not prepared well enough, but the goal was completed. Now for the other goal to run 300 km. That I failed. After the marathon I actually stooped running and my result for Y2017 is just 200 km. So that’s a 66% of my goal. For bit more details lets see how it was month by months. According to my set goal I had to do 25 km/mo.

  • January – 0 km
  • February – 0 km
  • March – 0 km
  • April – 9 km
  • May – 29 km
  • June – 28 km
  • July – 57 km
  • August – 47 km
  • September – 26 km
  • October – 0 km
  • November – 2 km
  • December – 1 km

Fact is clear I have to do running more regularly. I manage to run even 50 km/mo if i’m in a good shape, but almost almost half of the year was totally empty. Yes running in winter is not that fun, but I should do few kilometers even in winter.


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