Y2017 (Q4) Investments

And the last post how did our investment done at end on Y2017. Some investment were made at Q4:

TAt the begging of November we bought 20 shares of AT&T paying 33,78 USD / share paying 686 USD (incl. fee). With current dividends of 0.50 USD/quarter YOC stands at impressive 4,1% after tax (-30%) giving us solid and stable +28 USD annual dividend income. I think this will not come as surprise as many dividend investors used this dip and purchase some of these shares due to their massive yield. By not the price has rebounded to around 37 USD and actually now my whole T holding is at positive zone as we have bought 15 shares previously at the price of 40 USD. This has made T one of my largest holding along with OEG and TKM with holding around 1 kEUR.

Now how did the whole portfolio performed? It did actually very well. Booming markets and regular investments pushed our total portfolio value above 26 kEUR, which is above our set Goal #3 – Have Total investment value 25 kEUR as Completed! And that completes all the goals set for Y2017. Completed/failed result stands at 4:3.

Annual investment portfolio value increase was whooping +38% from 19 kEUR to more then 26 kEUR. In previous years increase was around +4 kEUR, while this year it was roughly +7 kEUR. Shares has increased from 5,6 kEUR to 9,3 kEUR that’s impressive +66%. This +3,7 kEUR growth came 2,5 kEUR from investments and remaining 1,2 kEUR from share value growth. What is interesting that dividend income growth has minor only +8%. As mentioned some of our old investments decreased or even cut their dividends. New US investments has much lower dividend yield and is heavily taxed by 30%. But its nice to see the upward trend 🙂


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    1. Thanks. That was one of thouse nice suprises this year, but was more the job of the booming market. Im a bit worried about correction, but I expect at least one more year of market growth 🙂


      1. Well, I’m on the same angle. I’m trying to increase my cash reserves, which is very awkward with pound falling, and Brexit looming over the corner.

        However, if I convert to euros, I will need to convert back to pounds before investing or use Swedbank which has huge fees for investing.


    1. Thanks, nice to know you also used this T dip. Its nice when you get something at the righ time 🙂 And the T dividends is something very nice. Personaly I would like to see these companies grow their earnings in L/T. Looks like 2018 will be a good year for bussines earning more hence paying more to us 🙂

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