Y2017 (Q4) Dividends

2017 Q4 Dividends:

So shortly 2017 Q4 dividends income was as mentioned 41 EUR. All 4 U.S. holdings paid identical dividends compared to Q3.

Company 2017Q3 Dividends
ESO 27,4 EUR
AT&T 4,4 EUR
Target 3,7 EUR
Intel 2,7 EUR
Jonson&Jonson 2,5 EUR
Total 40,7 EUR

2017 Q4 Dividend increase:

One of my largest in holding AT&T announced their dividend increase from 0,49 USD to 0,5 USD, which is a +2% growth. Small, but taking into account massive dividend yield of this company I find it acceptable. This increase brings me additional +0,98 USD annual income (0,01$ * 4 * 35 – 30%). Increased dividends will be paid at 2017 Q1.

Y2017 Dividends:

Now moving forward to Y2017 figures. Total dividend income this year amounted to 377 EUR, which was Δ+29 EUR more then last year or Δ+8%. Bellow you can see the changes that occurred during the year. Yes, there were some really nice increases for example – Tallinna Kaubajama. This investment gave me additional +12,4 EUR income this year. Also ESO paid juicy dividends and Harju Electrics with capital decrease income from last year. Sadly ESO dividends is not something that can be counted on and I have sold some of Harju shares as their price has clime to unreasonable highs, but their quite good results actually made me regret this move. Also Vilkyčių pieninė restored their dividends this year +8,5 EUR… BUT… as a dividend investor I was disappointed by 5 companies decreasing their dividend payments compared to year before and 1 (VSS) even cutting them off. This has amounted me to decline of dividend income by -67 EUR… Come on this is almost 1/5 of my last year dividend income. This is why I moved to US stocks. Yes, i’m exposed to USD/EUR, the yield is lower and shares in US is much more overvalued but these declines was just to much. Also no dividend income from my employer DRIP, which declined by dividend income by another -46 EUR. New investments has generated only +54 EUR. Hopefully the new US investments will bring some stability and better growth for Y2018. Either way even with all of these decreases the total amount received was higher. For that we congratulate our selves 🙂

Company Y2016 Dividends Y2017 Dividends Change
Tallinna Kaubamaja 58,2 EUR 70,6 EUR +12,4 EUR
Olympic Entertainment 76,5 EUR 62,5 EUR -14,0 EUR
ESO 28,7 EUR 61,8 EUR +33,1 EUR
Harju Electrics 12,8 EUR 44,9 EUR +32,1 EUR
Tallinna Vesi 47,7 EUR 28,6 EUR -19,1 EUR 
Tallink 36,0 EUR 20,3 EUR -15,7 EUR 
Ekspress Grupp 19,2 EUR +19,2 EUR
Jonson&Jonson 10,5 EUR +10,5 EUR
Klaipėdos nafta 16,5 EUR 9,1 EUR -7,4 EUR 
AT&T 8,8 EUR +8,8 EUR
Merko Construction 10,7 EUR 8,6 EUR -2,1 EUR 
Intel 8,6 EUR +8,6 EUR
Vilkyškių pieninė 8,5 EUR +8,5 EUR
Target 7,3 EUR +7,3 EUR
Apranga 5,5 EUR 7,3 EUR +1,8 EUR
Valmieras stikla skiedra 8,6 EUR -8,6 EUR
Employers DRIP 46,5 EUR -46,5 EUR
Total 347,7 EUR 376,6  EUR +28,9 EUR

Inching forward with our dividend income. If there will be no major declines this year we should be over 400 EUR mark, or even 500 EUR if lucky.

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  1. Can’t argue with an overall positive number. Also, I can’t speak for the non-US companies, but you have some good solid U.S. companies in your portfolio, including Johnson and Johnson and AT&T. No guarantees of course, but these companies have a history of raising their dividends. Hopefully, 2018 will be better and you won’t see as many dividend cuts or reductions from the companies you’ve invested in your portfolio.


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