And the last post for now is our investment portfolio update. Funny think is that even without any investments during Q3 our investment kept on growing as Mr. Market is on the high. Share value increased from 8 kEUR to 8,5 kEUR. I mean thats +500 EUR just from nowhere 🙂 I know this is not the thing that i’m aiming for but still its nice. Other saving instruments 2nd and 3rd pension funds grew by +0,4 kEUR and +0,3 kEUR part from monthly contributions. So in total our investment increase by +1,3 kEUR from 23,1 kEUR to 24,4 kEUR and we are very very near (98%) our away from our Goal #3 – Have Total investment value 25 kEURIn fact if market will not fall we should be able to reach this goal even without any share purchase just from monthly 2nd and 3rd pension fund contributions (!). One investment into shares and we are here. And that is something positive, lets keep it that way 🙂