Sports 2017 Q2

Short note about how i’m doing with my sport goals:

  • Run 300 km
  • Run a half-marathon 21 km

When I started to track my running stats at April I managed to do 9 km at last week of that month. Later on May I ran 30 km mostly at first half, but the got problems with knee and stooped for some time this activity. Then my knee got better and I bought a support for it so started running again and during mostly second half of June I managed to run another 28 km. So this adds up to nice 67 km that I run in 2017 Q2 or 22% of my Y2017 Goal #6 – Run 300 km. Even with knee problems I almost managed to reach 1/4 of my goal. Now i’m missing only 233 km. during next 6 months. That’s a average 39 km/mo. Really doable as I managed to run more then 50 km/mo. at my best months. Plus I decided to do longer distances, but run slower.

Regarding half-marathon it is the same thing as with jumping with a parachute that I managed to do just lately – I signed it for it at September 10th. Now I have nice 8 week to get ready. My plan is to run ~4 km. every 2 days and run a longer distance at Saturdays. Actually at this Saturday I already ran 11 km. Next I’m planning to do 13 km, then next 15 km and so on till I will do 21 km on 20th of August. Hope that my legs will not let me down. Wish me luck 🙂

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  1. Good luck p2035. You are a much better man than I. I hate running with a passion. Seems like you’re making steady progress towards your 2017 goal especially considering your knee problems. I like the healthy lifestyle.


    1. DD don’t say your bad at something. I didn’t like the running either. It takes time. Just try doing 1 mile or 1/2 mile first. Apps likr enfomondo helps to track it and later have a look at it. This is very important for such “track everything” tipe of prople that dividend bloggers are. And whats most importants its totally free. I dont like gym personaly 🙂 And believe im not that healthy as it looks. I have some overweight. 5-10kg.


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