2017 Q2 Investments

So after warped up of our Dividend income for 2017 Q2 and our Budget for 2017 Q2 it’s time to take a look at what has happened in our investment portfolio. Although our savings was just slightly above 0.3 kEUR investments were higher:

oegAt the beginning of 2017 Q2 we bought 115 shares of Olympic Entertainment for 1.78 EUR / share paying 207 EUR (incl. fee). This purchase ensured us additional 9.8 EUR annual dividend income after tax with quite good YOC of 4.8%. With present dip in share price it was a good time to increase my holding. Sadly the price declined even more afterward, but never the less I consider this company good in L/T perspective. Companies P/E went bellow 10 even if excluding one-offs from sale of hotel.

Then I sold 105 shares of Harju Electrics for 4.35 EUR receiving 455 EUR (excl. fee) due to sharp share price increase and P/E going over 20.

TAs I wrote in my earlier port Recent transactions we bought 15 shares of AT&T paying 40.15 USD / share paying 612 USD (incl. fee). With current dividends of 0.49 USD/quarter YOC stands at nice 3,4% after tax (-30%) giving us solid and stable +20,6 USD annual dividend income. With price decline P/E went bellow 20. Sadly price also declined further well bellow 40 USD, but that is life 🙂


Then we bought 160 shares of Ekspress Grupp paying 1.3 EUR / share paying 210 EUR (incl. fee). Although this company does not pay very impressive dividends, but they increase them each year since 2015 when it raised their dividends from 0.01 EUR to 0.04 EUR for share and increased by +0.01 EUR ever since with 0.06 EUR this year leading to YOC 3.9%. This purchase increased our annual dividends by +8,2 EUR.

Then we sold another portion of 50 Harju Electrics shares for 4.4 EUR as price just kept on growing leaving with small holding of 100 shares. So received 218 EUR.

tgtSo next purchase was 10 shares of Target for 55.71 USD paying 567 USD (incl. fee). With current dividends of 0.62 USD/quarter YOC stands at solid 3,1% after tax (-30%) and generates us stable +17,4 USD annual dividend income. Due to sharp decline in share price P/E declined to 11,6 with quite good fundamentals (Equity ratio 29%, NetDebt/EBITDA 1,4). Again share price declined further, but lets not look aside.

In total during 2017 Q2 Net investments into shares amounted to +0,8 kEUR. In total share value in investment portfolio increased +1 kEUR to 8 kEUR. Other investments also grew: 3 pension fund increased +0.2 kEUR to 6,5 kEUR. 2nd pension fund increased by +0.8 kEUR to 8.6 kEUR. In total our investment portfolio increased by +2.1 kEUR to 23.2 kEUR and is just 1.8 kEUR away from our Goal #3 – Have Total investment value 25 kEUR.


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  1. Congratulations on steady increase!
    Are you not afraid of EUR/USD swings? I have learned my lesson when I bought GM shares in USD. For example the shares increased by 3%, while portfolio in euros only by 1%.
    I guess it’s quire reasonable only invest in shares that are nominated in currency that you get paid. On the other hand, it’s called diversification 🙂


    1. No. I think USD and EUR rate will not swing drasticaly. In fact im somewhat secured from swings. If US dollar delines companies I invest will earn more from international trade in USD and their EPS will increase so will the dividenda in L/T 😉 Remember I invest in L/T so in 10-20y perspectivr +/- 10-20% currency swing is not a big deal. USD rate toward EUR has declined only ~20% in past 20 years so its not a big deal.


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