2017 Q2 Dividends

June has just ended so we can calculate our dividends for 2017 Q2. Have to say this was a very dividend rich quarter with dividend income of almost 263 EUR as most of Baltic companies paid their annual dividends during this quarter. Compared to year before 218 EUR dividend income increase just +20%, but more dividends should be at other quarters so total dividend income should increase.

Total dividend income 263 EUR:

  • 70,6 EUR (58,2 EUR Δ+21%) Tallinna Kaubamaja my biggest dividend payer and I should say my most successful dividend investment with impressive +21% dividend increase from 0,52 EUR to 0,63 EUR/share. Another good thing is that company managed to increase their dividends for the 3rd year in a row from flat 0.35 EUR in Y2012-2014. This investment yield is closing to 10% from purchase price.
  • 62,5 EUR (76,5 EUR Δ-18%) – Olympic Entertainment my second biggest dividend payer and my biggest disappointment 😦 Company paid flat 0.1 EUR dividends and for the first time increased it to 0.15 EUR last year, but this year decreased it back to 0.1 EUR again. Of course some issues in Poland and latest in Latvia slow down companies growth, but with huge cash reserves and more cash accumulated after sale of hotel in Tallinn at least same 0.15 EUR dividends would be nice. Anyway I still see L/T perspective in this company and actually bought some more shares after its price decline bellow 1.8 EUR. Sadly price wend even bellow 1.7 EUR. I don’t like this ad-hawk dividend policies. This is why I turned my attention toward US stocks. On the other hand 0.1 EUR dividends still represents nice 5% dividend yield after tax so I keep my L/T faith in the company and continue to hold it.
  • 34,4 EURESO another dividend payer that I’m happy with. Lithuanian electricity grid company paying semi-annual dividends and quite good ones with YOC standing at nice 7,7%. Hope that they will pay stable dividends in the future, but sadly this is not guaranteed.
  • 28,6 EUR – Tallinna Vesi. One good comapny and one bad, this is how it works. Estonian water service company who cut their dividends from 0.9 EUR to 0.54 EUR due to litigation with Estonia regarding water tariffs.
  • 27 EUR – Harju Electrics divested part of this company as share price went up and yield declined so I took the profit and reinvested into other companies. YOC stands at nice 5.9%
  • 9,06 EURKlaipėdos nafta
  • 8,61 EURMerko Ehitus
  • 8,5 EURVilkyškių pieninė
  • 7,3 EURApranga
  • 3,2 EURIntel
  • 2,9 EUR – Jonson and Jonson my first US stock increase. Company increased their dividends by +5% from 0.8 USD to 0.84 USD increasing my YOC from 1.9% to 2.0% (after tax).

So our dividend income in 2017 1 half-year is 282 EUR. Some more are coming and US companies pay stable quarter dividends so the income will become more stable. Next quarter more dividends from US stocks will join slowly rolling that snowball 🙂

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  1. Excellent report for the Quarter. Plus it’s nice to see a 20% increase from last year. Although I recently started to track my dividends on a monthly basis, I should seriously consider tracking them on a quarterly basis as well. We will see.

    BTW, Johnson and Johnson is a great company with strong fundamentals and a solid dividend. As your first US stock, you made an awesome choice with that one.

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    1. Thanks, DP. Yes its quite rational to track in quarter basis as all us companies pay in once a quarter. If you compare month to month you will have swings and will lose the whole picture of your growth progress. Totally agree on JNJ although share is a bit overpriced now. Low dividend yield, high P/E, but company it self is great of course 🙂

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  2. Hello P2035. Very good numbers! Keep up the good work!
    Olympic has paid 0.1 eur dividend since the year 2013. Last year was extraordinary because they decided to pay 0.05 eur special dividend at the end of the year as primary owners needed cash. This year the company head representative Armin Karu hinted at the annual shareholder meeting that in the coming years we shoud expect 0.1 eur dividend. But, I think, even then the yield is very attractive and I also bought recently 1000 more shares at the price of 1,67.


    1. Yes the yield is good, but I was hoping for at least some sort of div. growth as the comany id realy able to at least increase it by 1ct/year. I cant understand the logic of that cash stacking up. Maybe in the future when EPS will increase abowe 20 or even 30 ct/share


  3. Yes, it’s the gift and curse of the Baltic stock market – yields are good but companies don’t have strong dividend policy and it is not their goal to increase dividend every year. Maybe in the future things will change… we can only hope.


    1. Ou no next quarters will be much much less. Most of my Baltic compamies pay annual dividends at q2. So my total income should be just above 300€. Only us stocks pay quarter dividends.


  4. Looks like you brought in a healthy sum for the month of June. While I’m not familiar with most of the stocks mentioned they do seem to do their part in providing you a nice passive income stream. Tallinn was a great city to visit. I was in Estonia and Latvia several years ago. Thanks for sharing.


    1. Hi DH. Thanks for stoping by. This is not just June its Q2 April, May & June. This is annual dividends. If you split them in 4 thats not much, but something to start with 🙂 Glad you loved Estonia and Latvia. Visit Lithuania, its not less as beutiful and interesting. Especialy capital Vilnius with its huge rich history which you can find at Palace of Grand duck of Lithuania http://www.valdovurumai.lt/en


      1. Would love to visit Lithuania too. There’s only so much time. I was doing some travel for about a month which included, Russia, Estonia, Finland and Latvia. Next time Lithuania and maybe catch a basketball game!


    1. Hi timeinthemarket. Well you cant compare Q1 with Q2 as most of my investments pay annual dividends at Q2. Real growth is minimal.


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