Health improvement – cold showers

I want to share one great thing that  I’ve started doing at mornings and which improved both performance of my mind and my body – Taking a cold shower at the morning. As I wrote in my previous post How I improve my health I’m doing it, or at least trying to do each morning.

I will not go trough theory, but will put what I fell from my 2-3 month practice. And I have to say I feel great. Benefits are huge but it’s very very hard to do. Almost each morning there is some part of my mind that starts negotiating – “I’m not in the mood today”, “Its cold”, “Lets skip it just for today” ect. And frankly speaking I have to beat my self to do it. At first I took only few seconds. After normal shower I close the hot water and turn to full cold and then jump for few seconds, turn around 2 times and in the end put my face toward the cold shower and that’s it. I don’t get cold during these few seconds so it’s more steeping out of you comfort zone thing. And each time i’m extremely happy that I’ve done it, because I feel very refreshed. After few months of doing it i’m starting to get used to the cold water and increasing the time I spend in cold shower. What I saw is that cold shower is very great thing for your mind. I always have tones of thoughts when going to the shower, about work, life ect. After the cold shower the mind get washed also. Suddenly the problems become not so big, and worries not so worrying. The mind becomes sharp and focused. And I don’t need coffee in the morning anymore after the cold shower 😀 I don’t have long experience, but taking cold showers should also increase you immune system and you should be more resistant to diseases and less being sick. Will if that is true for me see only at winter and next spring.

I will not continue with the motivational speeches or stuff like that. All I want to say to everyone – Try it! Try steeping out of your comfort zone. Turn on the cold water at some morning and just go for it. Few seconds will not freeze you 🙂 Yes, it is very hard to do. It still takes me lots of effort to do it, but it is worth it. Try it!

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  1. I just read a book 4-Hour Body. It’s a very interesting book about how to hack your own body through certain exercise and diet routines. One of the things mentioned in the book was cold showers. Like you said and per that book, cold showers are supposed to improve immune system.

    I haven’t tried taking cold showers yet, but I am thinking about starting soon. I’m sure it would be hard at first. Well wish me luck 🙂


    1. Good luck. It will be hard. Funny thing that you will be very happy after doing it, but lost of resistance from yourself before doing it 😀


  2. I got to say, I just have chills thinking about taking cold showers. I don’t necessarily dispute the fact that I feel better after taking a cold shower. I think I feel more refreshed somehow. But, unfortunately, I’m too spoiled to try. What I do now is let the water run for a little to ensure that the shower is warm/hot before I enter. Interest thought but doubt I’ll be trying it anytime soon. I’m glad it’s working for you though P2035.


    1. It one of thous things that you just have to try 😀 just run cold water and step into it for second or so. You may scream, I did 🙂 Its very hard I know. I still negotiate with my self each morning. This is a matter of steeping out of your comfort zone. Just try it, I can promise that nothing bad will happen. Just for 1 second 😉 You don’t have to do it all the time, but I think you have to try at least this one time. Similar like I did with jumping with a parachute out of 1.2km high. Scared as shit of high, but done it and now happy 🙂


  3. That’s very cool. Would never have guessed that it has such a great impact on your body. I like that. Maybe tomorrow morning I’ll have the courage to see if it works for me haha I can see how it helps you feel sharp and alert, because I know how my body acts when I accidentally get splashed with some cold water.

    Keep me updated with any other cool body hacks you come across.



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