This post will be a bit different from other financial/saving stuff 🙂 I would like to share things that I do to improve my health. I’m sure that without health not even whole world riches will make you happy. You will just be sad because you are unhealthy. And unhealthy I mean in more broader way not just physically fit but also emotionally. You can go to the gym and work you body to perfection but if your mind is a mess, again no happy life 🙂 So things that I do to improve my both physical and mental health:

  • Workout in the morning
  • Cold shower
  • Meditation
  • Fruit and nut shake in the morning
  • Running

First 4 I do when I just wake up. Strange things actually happened. Before I started forcing my self to do workouts – few stretches, push-ups,  crunches and squats (doing x10 each righ now) first thing in the morning, then go and get few seconds of cold shower and small 10 minute meditation afterwards, I slept to the last minute. Funny as I sound I always tended to wake up like at 7:30, always making to work something around 9 am (my works starts at 8, but nobody says anything if your come few minutes late) and I was feeling that I’m not getting enough sleep. I started forcing my self to wake up few minutes before 7 am and do thous 3 things that I mentioned and suddenly I started sleeping better and waking up actually at 6:30 and now i’m waking up at 6:00 right now with alarm set for 6:30 feeling fully recharged with good sleep 🙂 It’s very very hard to force your self to do these things in the morning prior to your job and not sleep extra half-hour, but believe me it’s worth it. Now I can’t sleep after 6 am 😀

Other thing what I do is to have a fruit shake at the morning. I put banana, some yogurt, apple, grapefruit and some nut mix to my blender. This is a great way to start the day and gets me energized for like next half of day. I even stooped drinking coffee at work first thing in the morning (!!!) as I have enough energy 🙂 My work collages even started suspecting me of using drugs as I come full of energy at the morning as other are very sleepy without their morning coffee 🙂 PEOPLE TRY THIS YOUR SELF! It’s amazing how these 4 small changes in morning routine change you. I feel very energetic right now, some times even to much 🙂 People don’t like when others looks much better then they are, but F@~) the haters let live happy life.

And running. This actually includes two of my Y2017 goals:

  • Run 300 km.
  • Run a half-marathon 21 km.

For now i’m in begging mode. Mostly running small 3-4 km easy runs in each 2-3 days just to have my body ready after ‘winder sleep’. My results are horrible and I get panted very easily. Another bad thing is that I’ve tried to run 10 km run and afterwards my left knee started to hurt dab and I feel it every time I walk to much of have a short run 😦 But little by little I should be fit for September where I intend to run for 5th year in a row in a marathon. Last 4 years I ran 10 km, now I want to challenge my self and do a half-marathon as 10 km become a bit boring. This will be a huge thing as I know longer distance demand for very very good preparation, but hey I still have like 5 months and i’m not totally new to running 🙂 I’ve just cheeked my Endomondo and I have completed only 33 km @ Y2017, but but but 24 km were run on May and it’s still not over. If I will manage to run 40 km/mo that will not be a problem. With my knee fixed I think I should do 50km/mo easy. Before I wend to 3 week military preparation for rookies I managed to do 100km in one single month, so it’s really doable 🙂

How do you improve your health? Do you run, exercise, meditate of have a cold shower in the morning (say whaaat, you must be crazy :))