Saving motivation

I would like to quickly share one effective way to save money. It’s actually very simple – Motivation. Yes, that driving force that makes us human moving. Without motivation humanity simply stop working. Good example of that is failure of communism, which denied motivation by implementing that all humans must be equal. That means that you all earn the same no matter how much you put effort to it. We all have to agree that this is totally stupid.

So I want to share the method that I motivated my self to save some funds for investing. I agreed with my wife that apart from regular 200 EUR/mo. deductions I would add additional +2 EUR each time I eat at work home made food. Dinner at restaurants are quite expensive and cost 5-7 EUR. If we estimate that food preparation cost ~2 EUR so we save ~4 EUR and 1/2 of those save fund goes for investing and other 2 EUR for other family needs. At max. this will add additions 40 EUR. My target ~1/2 or additional +20 EUR/mo. savings.

How that will workout only time will tell.

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  1. I’m betting, that this plan will fail after 2 months. Tops. Been there, done that. Even though it’s a smart (and healthy) way to save money, cooking takes shit load of time, so it will get pretty boring after a while (well, unless cooking is your passion, lol) 🙂


    1. I have been bringing lunch to work for many years. Cheaper, and most importantly so much faster than to go and get it (unless you always order delivery).

      Plus, all the good things you experience while cooking it. It’s a form of meditation because you concentrate on the physical activity you’re performing at the moment.

      Though, different people have different tendencies. What works for some people doesn’t work for others. Otherwise would be no fun in the world.


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