2017 Q1 Dividends

And to wrap it all up we finish 2017 Q1 results with the most important line of them all – dividend income.  As there is not much to report this quarter it will be short:

Total dividend income 20,5 EUR:

  • 2,6 EUR (2,8 USD) – Jonson and Jonson as I managed to bought shares prior to dividend payment, this was my first US dividends. Till I have my declaration filled it charged me with 30% income tax.
  • 17,9 EURHarju Electrics paid for its capital decrease back in Y2016. This was not a real dividend, but still its passive income.

So that is it shortly. Only 20 EUR of dividend income from planed 500 EUR this year. Next quarter will be much richer in terms of dividend income.


2 thoughts on “2017 Q1 Dividends

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    1. Thanks DD 🙂 Wųell my main dividends are at q2 nad q3 as Baltic companies pay annual dividends. Its common practice in Europe. Personaly woul prefer quarter dividends, but we have what we have. Now I have few us companies in my basket so should be more stable income 🙂


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