After analyzing our Y2016 Budget, Y2016 Investments and Y2016 Dividends it is time to set Y2017 Goals. It is very simple to be successful. All it takes is to have goals and reach for them 🙂

During analysis of our Budget, Investment and Dividends 3 natural goals appeared:

  1. Save 15% of income.
  2. Have Total investment value 25 kEUR.
  3. Get 500 EUR of dividend income.

These Goals are in line with SMART goal methodology. It is Specific, Measurable, Agreed upon (with my wife), Realistic and Time-related. For now lets stick to these 3 goals.

During Y2016 I have also set many goals. For example save 20% of income (Failed). Run 600 km. (Actually ran 298 km / Failed). One thins that I have accomplished during Y2016 – Complete military physical requirement: Do 40 push-ups in 3 minutes (Done 42), Do 50 crunches in 3 minutes (Done 53) and run 3 km. in less then 16 minutes (Done in 15:40). So there we have it – Our Y2017 Goals 🙂