The beginning

Hi dear site visitors, I would like to introduce myself – i’m a 32 year old regular guy from one of Baltic states at the moment working in a financial institution for more then 10 years. I have a very loving wife, a 4 room flat and a cat 🙂 So this is basically what we have. Why I started this site? Around 2 years ago I found this website which inspired me to try something similar as well. So I started my own website, about personal finances, investing ect. But after around a year I got bored and unmotivated so the site was shut down. Now i’m starting a English version of website. Sorry if I will make mistakes or my sentences will be bad in style – English is not my first language, but i’m quite used to it in my everyday work so I thought I will give it a try.

So what this website will be about? In general the same personal finance, saving, investing, dividends and maybe something more as I prefer to it as a personal blog.

So here we go. Good luck to us all! 🙂

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